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Urban Decay, an American cosmetic company with its headquarters in Newport Beach, CA, is a subsidiary of L’Oréal. It derives its name from the choice of colors inspired by the urban landscape. This is why we see some unusual names such as smog, rust and acid rain in this brand. And this is why we run this wholesale business of Urban Decay.


The Story of Urban Decay - Its Origin


The company turned 20 in January 2016 having been founded by Sandy Lerner, her business manager David Soward and Wende Zomnir, another enterprising business woman who loved makeup, in January 1996. The three met at Wende’s Laguna Beach Bungalow where Sandy and Wende indulged in nail polish mixing and created new and funky shades that would dominate the cosmetic industry in the future.


Sandy and Wende were makeup addicts who were disappointed at not finding different colors that they wanted to use in their makeup. Urban Decay was created to fill this void and to encourage most makeup fans to use these new colors and sport a more attractive look. The launching of the brand marked the beginning of a color revolution as purple and green nails replaced the originally dominating red and pink in the 1990s. Initially, their product line included ten lipsticks and 12 nail enamels.


Urban Decay (UD) changed hands several times since its inception until L’Oréal finalized a deal to purchase it in 2013.


Its Unique Principle


Urban Decay stands out from its counterparts and competitors for the simple reason that it is committed to being cruel-free and has vowed to end animal testing. The company was awarded the Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Line Award by PETA in 2009. Both PETA and The Leaping Bunny program (CCIC) have certified this brand as cruelty-free.


The brand has done away with manufacturing makeup brushes from animal hair and makes synthetic brushes made from Taklon, a fine polyester filament that serves as a green alternative to animal products. It also requires its suppliers to certify that none of the raw materials used in the creation of UD’s products are tested on animals.




UD has a global presence that is marked by its distinct popularity. This is because makeup users all over the world are always looking for new and unique alternatives, and UD can offer them what they want. The company is always experimenting with innovative colors, and there is growing support for them from makeup users everywhere.


An increasing number of retailers in Canada, The UK, Singapore, France, Italy and the Middle East proves this point. UD’s Facebook and Twitter communities are so huge that you can see a lot of conversation here, and the company seems to be following up on all the reviews from its fans and doing a great job of tweaking and improving on their performance.


Target Market


Urban Decay targets young consumers with a great array of products ranging from lip, eye and nail shades to all other varieties of face and body products. It also aims to reach people who are innovative and experimenting with their makeup and who are always craving alternatives in their makeup regimen. So, if you wholesale from us, you can see sale Urban Decay in a very wide market.


Brand Statement


UD is an innovator with a brand statement that declares that its products are feminine, fun and dangerous and appeals to all including celebrities, rock stars and anyone that dares to express her individuality.


Product Line


The company’s top priority is the high quality of its products. The urban America-inspired colors speak volumes for themselves and have been the main reason for the company’s success. There are some great products that appeal to most consumers.


• Urban Arsenal Palette: This is a sample kit that includes makeup for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face and comes packaged in a beautiful case.

• Nail Enamel that is affordable

• Eye shadow Primer Potion: This is a very popular product that dries almost immediately after application and prevents creasing.

• Big Fatty Mascara: Gives a full and attractive look by enlarging the eyelashes

• Flavored Body Powders: They give a sheen to the body, and they are sweet and edible!

• Heavy Metal Glitter Liners: This is for the rock star or model in you who wants to try out something crazy and adventurous.

• 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil: It is creamy, waterproof, blends well and stays on for a long time

• Lip Gunk: A shiny lip gloss that gives your lips a whole lot of shimmer. It is available in a variety of flavors.


Of these, the Eye shadow Primer Potion needs a special mention. It is an almost colorless magical potion that comes packaged in a sexy lavender tube and creates real magic in your eyes. It is smooth, makes your eyes look more lively and attractive, and lasts for a long time. Above all, it does not crease even oily eyelids. You can use it anytime, morning or night, on the hottest days, with any eye shadow and with any bright, dark and neutral colors. If you happen to rub your eyes often, then your eye shadow will fade away in no time; this primer is clearly the right product for you as it does not interfere with the color or finish of the eye shadow you use on top of it. It is such a big relief if you can retain the bright look in your eyes the whole day and this wonder product does it all.


Apart from the above, you have blush palette, eye shadow palette, concealer, face powders, foundation, moisturizers, makeup remover, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, other palettes and much more that will have you spellbound in amazement. There are the makeup brushes that help complete your makeup to a flawless finish. The product range is very much affordable too. There is a clear distinction between vegan and non-vegan products of Urban Decay. There is a lot of flexibility in the offer of some products. For example, the company keeps checking with its laboratory whether a non-vegan product can be converted into a fully vegan product by replacing the animal-derived ingredients.


Urban Decay is poised to become the ultimate in revolutionary makeup as more and more individuals are looking for unique alternatives to the conventional style. With its global presence and creation of rich and insane shades, the brand is going places. Now you can directly wholesale Urban Decay from us. We offer cheap Urban Decay makeup for years.